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GUT BUSTER WORKSHOP – Saturday Aug. 5, 2017

with Aviva (Co-Creator & Co-Founder of Avita Bone Broth)

Maintaining A Healthy Micro Biome:
Thankfully, now more than ever, researchers realize the importance of the right amount of good gut flora to keep you:
lean + happy + energetic + disease-free

Spend Saturday Morning with Aviva to learn:
Qi Chong – Making Beet Kvass – Sipping Yummy Bullet Proof Bone Broth – Talking story of ‘good digestion’ – Take home 1 pint of Aviva Bone Broth

Making your very own Beet Kvass:
a refreshing, delicious, acto-fermented,raw beverage made with organic beets,ginger & turmeric

Provide the body with:
Beneficial bacteria – Cleansing the liver – Aids in digestion – Blood Tonic

Where: 730 Haiku Road
(dirt road next to Roots School)
When: 9 am till Noon
Cost: $75

MADE IN MAUI – Saturday Nov. 5, 2016

Aloha friends and lovers of our wonderfully delicious Bone Broth. This is our first ‘Made In Maui’ festival appearance! We hope you will join us as we are super excited to be selling our first natural product in quarts and pints. We will be giving out lots of tastings and premiering our ‘Bullet Proof Bone Broth Latte’. No worries – there’s no milk or caffeine in our broth. This drink is being sold at cafe’s around the north shore of Maui. Now you can visit us and experience it yourself – that is if you are on island Saturday November 5th, between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm at the Maui Cultural Center. Looking forward to seeing you there. Please come by and introduce yourselves.


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