Avita Bone Broth


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Bone Broth is one of the first SuperFoods our ancestors enjoyed. It’s packed with collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin, vital for healthy bones. According to Chinese Medicine, it rebuilds the life force, nourishes blood, kidneys, adrenals and remineralizes teeth and bones.

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Avita’s delicious Bone Broth is handcrafted and made on Maui, using organic products from all the different islands and the bones of grass fed cows grazing atop Haleakala mountain.
In our commercial kitchen our gourmet broth is cooked for over 12 hours, adding apple cider vinegar to pull out all the minerals and vitamins, making it collagen dense; thus, supporting bones, ligaments, joints, intestines, teeth and skin.

black pepper*, bay leaves*, S.F. Bay Sea Salt, local grass fed beef bones, local free range chicken feet, Maui kafir leaves*, Maui lemongrass*, garlic*, local raw honey, Better Than Broth Chicken Low Sodium*, star anise*, cinnamon sticks*, whole cloves*, whole fennel*, whole coriander*, Maui ginger*, apple cider vinegar*, Red Boat Fish Sauce, onions*, * = organic

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