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Alive N Well

“You have the best tasting, most delicious bone broth I’ve ever tasted.
And it makes me feel like a youngster again.”

— founder of Quepasana

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—  Dennis, Store Owner of Alive & Well

“Seven years ago I started excluding foods I knew I was allergic and sensitive to,
while introducing traditional foods known to restore health. But I still found myself struggling
with a growing list of food sensitivities, rashes, inflammation, and poor sleep. Recently my sensitivities expanded to toothpaste, shampoo, laundry detergent, and dish liquid.
It was exasperating.
I began drinking Avita Beef Bone Broth twice daily and discovered that it was exactly what my body needed to repair. The skin rashes were the first to begin healing, and in two weeks my sleep gradually began to improve. The flavor of Avita Bone Broth is complex and deeply satisfying.
I’m so encouraged by my progress, which I attribute to this wonderful broth.”

—  Mardi from Haiku, Aloha Sgi-Maui YD

” I love Avita Bone Broth & can hardly wait to drink it. After purchasing it, I tuck it into my engine compartment while driving home. So, upon arrival – it’s ready to drink right out of the jar.”

—  Kyle from Maui, as seen on Facebook

I love your bone broth, it’s outrageously delicious. You are ready for Shark Tank
to take Avita nationwide!”

—  Linda from Foodland on Oahu, as seen on Facebook

Keiji is pleasantly surprised that “Avita’s Bone Broth is very delicious.”

—  Keiji from Foodland of Aina Hina on Oahu, as seen on Facebook

Silo Chen is going home “…to cook vegetables & ramen in Avita Bone Broth for dinner.”

—  Silo Chen from Foodland on Oahu, as seen on Facebook

Vivian approved our Bone Broth… “it’s way better tasting than mine”

—  Vivian from Maui, as seen on Facebook

“I love Avita Bone Broth for my joints and ligaments”

—  MaryAnn from Oahu,  as seen on Facebook

“Happiness is primarily a matter of good digestion.” – Avita Natural Products